Cutout Decorating Instructions

Dear Members of the Harbor Beach Community,

Thank you for participating in the Harbor Beach Lighthouse Birthday Celebration with your purchase of a cutout.

The Care and Feeding Of Your Cutout!

Here are some general instructions for completion of your cutout.

Decorate Your Cutout:

Your cutout has been primed and ready for your artwork.
Paint, or adhere items to your cutout to depict your business or family?s interest. For example, the bakery may want to paint pastries on their cutout. The Hardware Store different items you would buy there. Of course your business name or family name would be a great touch. A restaurant cutout might be decorated with all sorts of food items painted on it. A church may have Bible verses written on it. Of course, we would encourage you to have the name of your family or business on the cutout as well to advertise your support of the Lighthouse. You could even decorate your lighthouse in your favorite sports team or college!
Paint/decorate both sides for the best viewing.
(The cutout is NOT intended to resemble the HB Lighthouse when complete, other than by shape.)

Weather Proof Your Cutout:

Your cutout should be able to be outside in the sun and rain, so your final application/coat should be some sort of waterproofing.

Completion of Your Cutout:

As you complete your cutout, please snap a picture and send it to the Marketing Committee on the Harbor Beach Lighthouse website. We will post them.

Displaying Your Cutout:

Display your cutout during the month of July 2015 in front of your home or business. Again, paint/decorate both sides for the best viewing. We have already cleared this with the city and it will meet the sign ordinance as long as they are not permanently bolted to the sidewalk or your property. July 18, 2015 is the day of the celebration.

Also, we?d like to thank Raymond and Susan Bugg for the donation of their time creating the cutouts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Heather Legatz @ 989-414-0495. If you know someone who missed ordering a cutout, give us a call. We planned ahead!

Thank you for your continuing support of our city and the Lighthouse!
The Harbor Beach Lighthouse Preservation Society?s Marketing Committee