Thank You from the Organizers


As you have been reading in multiple communications, the HBLPS Marketing Committee has been busy for the past year and a half planning the 130th Birthday Celebration of the Harbor Beach Lighthouse that took place Saturday, July 18, 2015. Many activities happened on this day, all focusing on the Lighthouse.

This undertaking needed many hands before, the day of, and after the event. We would like to thank everyone who helped out in one manner or another. The crew from City of Harbor Beach and Ron Wruble were extremely helpful in our set-up and tear down efforts, going above and beyond to make everything perfect for our event.

A huge thanks to all our sponsors whose generosity allowed us to bring this event to the lighthouse lovers of Harbor Beach and afar! See the complete listing of all these generous contributors. The Lighthouse cut-outs were amazing to see as you drove around town, as well as the quilt donated by the Stash Pile Quilters for our raffle. Raymond Bugg did a fabulous job creating the cutouts. He also created the ?switch? for the ceremony. Thank you to him for his sharing his creativity.

Also, a big thanks to the Restoration and Maintenance Crews who readied the lighthouse for this celebration; and to our webmaster and social media guys, Steve Schwab and Matt Ferriss for all of their support. This truly was a TEAM effort.

If you were present you would have heard the fantastic music of Raymond and Susan Bugg as they led the Children?s Parade and Birthday song; Annette Sweet as she played the dulcimer and Lee Murdock as he sang the songs of the Great Lakes Lore. You also would have heard and viewed programs from Bob Kegerreis, Robert McGreevy and Terry Pepper, as well as Carl Jahn.?? Look for a video from Bob Kegerreis recapping the day?s events on our website soon.

Thank you for sharing this day with us. It was a Grand Birthday Celebration for the lighthouse that once again guides mariners in and around our harbor.

To book your tour please go to the TOURS drop down on our website and follow the instructions.

The HBLPS Marketing Committee

Annette Sweet
Pam Semp
Heather Legatz
Shelley Boehmer