Bring Back the Light! Fundraiser Nearing the End

Sold out…Thank you for your generosity!

The Bring Back the Light campaign committee is pleased to announce that we have received enough funding from sponsorships of the prisms on the new lens to go ahead and order it! Thanks to all who contributed! The donor list is over 75 at this point, showing a very broad commitment from our friends and members.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our lens production from the supplier, Artworks Florida. That will probably include some photos of the lens as the prisms are created amazingly by a 3 D printer. They are then polished and inserted into the brass frame. If you want to see owner Dan Spinella’s work, please visit his very cool website at

We have one silver bullseye lens left and a few people made a payment but just missed the bronze donation as we ran out of them two weeks ago. We’ve decided to help close out the fundraising by offering 1/15th share of a bullseye sponsorship for $100 each, and there are only a few?left. Please click here and make your donation asap so you don’t get left out, first come, first served!

Bring Back the Light Committee