Harbor Beach Lighthouse Association Announces New Fundraiser

The Fog Signal Building Rises Again!

winter shot with recent trumpetsTHE FOG SIGNAL BUILDING RISES AGAIN?.and you can be a part of the next exciting phase of renovation at the Harbor Beach Lighthouse. The Harbor Beach Lighthouse Preservation Society is offering sponsorships to help with the costs of rebuilding the Fog Signal Building.The Fog Signal Building was used to house the equipment that sent the ?lifesaving wave of sound? across the water (and land!) to help mariners to safety.The foghorn was removed by the Coast Guard as technology improved and GPS became readily available. To continue the renovation of the ?jewel? of Harbor Beach, the Fog Building is part of our mission to return the structure to the 1900-1915 time period. We hope you will join the fun.?The Fog Signal Building Rises Again??.with your help. Please review the levels of sponsorship and if you have any questions, don?t hesitate to contact our campaign chairpersons. We will provide acknowledgment panels or plaques on each item in or on the new building. We thank you in advance and hope to see you at The Harbor Beach Lighthouse during the 2017 tour season.

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Campaign Chairs: Bill Rands, Pam Semp, Skip Kadar, Buzz Hoerr