William “Billy” Rands Memorial Donation

Our lighthouse recently lost a great and loyal friend and supporter, William “Billy” Rands. Billy has always made sure we had support when needed it for a variety of capital restoration projects he helped finance and he was always encouraging and positive about our project. We will miss him deeply as he really believed in what we were doing, even when it started just by painting the exterior widows. Now over 30 years later the fog signal building is rebuilt as a museum with exhibits of the maritime history of Harbor Beach, we are completely solar powered, we have an exact operating replica of the original Fresnel Lens shining brightly, while the original now sits in a curated space in the nearby Grice House Museum, and the entire lighthouse structure has been recoated in long lasting epoxy based paint which will keep it beautiful for decades. Billy was there every step of the way and the completely restored lighthouse is a legacy of his generosity of resources and positive spirit which will stand for decades to come. Your memorial gift will help us keep it that way!

Click here to make a donation in Billy’s name.