Harbor Beach Lighthouse Society Capital Project Completion Special Fundraiser

The Society is completing its capital restoration project this fall with the refinishing of the main tower and completing the interior of the fog signal building to ready it for next year?s tour season!
In order to fund the completion of these projects we are making available a limited edition set of sketches and stretched canvas prints of the painting donated by famed local artist Bob McGreevy to the Society:
?After the Storm; Harbor Beach Harbor of Refuge?
The following signed prints and sketches are available for donations to close out the capital restoration fund to complete the project:
Fresnel Leadership gift: 5 individual sketches $1,500 each
Lantern Room gift: 4 large stretched canvas prints $1,000 each
Lightkeeper gift: 8 smaller stretched canvas prints $500 each
Fog Horn gift: 10 smaller paper prints $250 each

Click to donate to our restoration project
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The $18,000 total amount raised will go towards completion of the restoration project and for historic exhibit development and installation in the fog signal building. This will include working replica fog whistles on the roof and several banners inside that will recount nearly 140 years of harbor and lighthouse history.
Please join us as we complete over 35 years of full restoration at one of the most iconic lighthouses in the Great Lakes. Your support will be much appreciated and acknowledged on a special plaque inside the fog building! Please contact Pam Semp or Bill Rands as co chairs of the campaign to make your selection and complete your gift: pamsemp@gmail.com and sagres@worldnet.att.net